peter sörries

product design





automat, 2019

As our devices become smarter, we inevitably adapt to their operating systems, swiping and sliding their touchscreens – whether we like it or not.
Manufacturers are quick to integrate these new capabilities, with little consideration for the user experience. The results rarely satisfy our human need to interact with tactile, tangible artefacts.

What if the artefact were to carry out all functions behind the scenes, and the user interaction reduced to the bare minimum? Would the device be better accepted, if the role it plays in our modern world becomes less obtrusive?
Automat attempts to do just that. It puts the device back in its rightful place, resulting in a smart object which looks and feels like a sculpture – simple and pleasing to the eye.

This project demonstrates how disruptive technologies can serve us, improving our everyday lives without causing unnecessary disruption.

Ventura Future
April 9 – 14, 2019

digital artisan, 2018

Haptic exploration and motor skills have not yet been introduced into digital applications. Digital artisans are designers who also have a need for physical manipulation and control of the design process as digitalization progresses.

The extension of classical input methods through the use of specific gestures and tools that allow a motoric enrichment and individualization of the work process create a new craftsmanship in the digital.

aux synesthesia, 2018

As visual beings, we are able to use our senses without restriction. Naturally we are moving through our environment and we have become accustomed to this condition. We unconsciously react to diverse outside Influences. In doing so, we overlook changes constantly.

The boundaries between real and artificially created worlds blur perceptibly. Acoustic signals are coupled with every interaction and are a resonance of every environment.

Each texture or materiality has its own individual echo and can be distinguished and demarcated from other unequal objects.

Global Grad Show Dubai
November 12 – 17, 2018

monolith, 2017

Architectural space is defined by horizontal and vertical wall surfaces. In public areas, in particular interior spaces often appear impersonal, rigid and monotonous, and with their sterile lighting they offer visitors a low quality of stay.

The module is designed for such environments in order to undermine this dominant order by living, communicating elements. Its effect unfolds in the form of arranged light objects, which are synchronized to larger homogeneous surfaces and present a kind of meditative light effect.

With the aid of shape memory alloys, a reflecting film is placed in a pre-programmed movement and it projects the reflections of a fixed light source onto a translucent projection surface. The constantly changing shape of the film transfers to the resulting image and gives the impression of a spatial movement.
Salone del Mobile
Salone Satellite
April 4 – 9, 2017

flux, 2016

In the age of digitalism short and fast transactions belong to our daily life. We are used to pay with intuitive finger gestures in a few seconds with banking apps or with creditcard at the terminal. The payment possibilities are immense and at a certain point we lose the overview and the feeling of our finances.

This project which translates digital data from the personal bank account into a physical output without using numbers. It is the attempt to change the users understanding of their own finances and gives the opportunity to influence the inner attitude in a positive way regarding their money matters. This small and restrained device will fit into every living situation – stationary and interactive sculpture.

Flux is able to receive and broadcast data and gives a simple understanding of the users finances. Flux visualises and encodes the cashflow by two pendulums. The left one represents the saving account while the right one shows the remaining checking account budget. Just activate the device with a short knock on the upper front of the housing and both pendulums automatically adjust their position to the current account status.